Exhibition and editorial launch of Alfonsina. Illustrations in ink and watercolor of the pages of the author's first comic. Gallery 13, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile. 2014.
Collective exhibition by Karlo Ferdón, friend, colleague and author of great Chilean comics like Don Serapio,  universo doppler  and more. This exhibition brings together the best of both national comic artists. 2015
Exhibition of Alfonsina's originals volume 1 in Marta Colvin room, Chillán. Chile
Fifth meeting of Latin American visual artists, Arequipa, Peru. I had the pleasure and honor to be part of this beautiful cultural meeting where i could expose my project "Latin Goddesses, North and South". Large format illustrations in the watercolor technique. 2017
Launch and Exhibition of Alfonsina en busca de la verdad, second comic book o Alfonsina de saga. Casa capellán, barrio Bellavista, Santiago de Chile 2018
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